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VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR
  •  一人称表示(ja)
  • First-Person View


    The setting related to first-person perspectives.


    FirstPersonBone keeps track of a VR headset in a first-person view. Normally the head bone is assigned as FirstPersonBone.


    The offset from the tracking position to the FirstPersonBone position. We assume the default value [0, 0.06, 0] is the offset between the head and the middle of the eyes.


    The settings for controlling mesh rendering on/off in a first-person view.

    When a VRM model is used in VR applications, the user may see the model’s head inside inadvertently, which is not a good experience of being immersed in VR worlds. To address this problem, we provide the function VRMFirstPerson which can hide the model’s head in the first-person view. To test out first-person mode in Unity project, set up render layer in the inspector window and call first-person setup function. Then, go tocamera->cull maskand selectEVERYTHINGbutTHIRDPERSON_ONLY_LAYER.

    The case for the head being separated

    Set ThirdPersonOnly on the head. Set Both on the rest parts.

    For a VRM model (below), the head is set to ThirdPersonOnly and the rest parts of the body are set to Both.
    Example: The meshes set to ThirdPersonOnly are not displayed in the first-person view.

    The case for the head not being separated

    Please set Auto. Except the model’s head, the other parts are copied and treated as FirstPersonOnly. The original model is treated as ThirdPersonOnly. The parts regarding the head bone and its descendants with weights will be eliminated.

    The case for no particular setting

    Please set Both.

    VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR